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The Longsword, or sword in two hands, is the core of Johannes Liechtenauer's combat system. All students of Ottawa Swordplay must complete a novice longsword course before registering for any other weapon courses.

Our longsword curriculum is based on research and interpretation of primary sources. Our core source is the "Jud Lew Fechtbuch," closely supported by the "Ringeck" and "von Danzig" manuscripts.

We offer three levels of longsword training corresponding to ranks in our rank structure.

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No Experience Needed!
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Schranckhut and Eisenpfort Ranks
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Eber and Stier Ranks
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Our young knight program will return in September!

young Knights

Women's Longsword

GrosseMesser and arming sword are single-handed weapons that were used for self defense  by many classes of medieval society.   The arming sword is double-edged. The GrosseMesser  (" big knife") is single-edged with a nail-like projection to protect the knuckles.  

Our techniques for GrosseMesser are drawn from a number of primary  sources,  but particularly J. Leckuchner.  His illustrated manuscripts are organized in the same way as Liechtenauer, making learning the techniques straightforward. 

Fighting with the GrosseMesser brings combatants into closer contact and Leckuchner's  teaching reflect that, with grasps and holds  being an integral part of working with the Messer.  It is an exciting and unique form of swordfighting.

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and Arming Sword


Sword & Buckler


Trial by Combat

Kampffechten is the ritualized trial by combat between knights and nobles. Combatants were fully armoured and equipped with spears, swords, and daggers.

We draw our training material for kampffechten from the same primary sources as our longsword curriculum, but supplement it with material from the "Gladiatoria" group of manuscripts. In addition, we occasionally train in Pollaxe techniques associated with the system.

We train these techniques without armour, but considering the effects armour would have (targeting only weak spots and openings) to keep equipment requirements reasonable. We generally train with synthetic weapons rather than steel, as the material has less impact on the techniques than with most other parts of our system.

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Dagger & Ringen


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