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Ottawa Swordplay's Covid-19 Policies

The below Safety Plan and Vaccine Disclosure Policy serves as our Covid-19 policies for our in-person, indoor and outdoor classes. If you attend these classes, you must agree to abide by these policies. Ottawa Swordplay reserves the right to turn away any attendee who does not abide by these policies.

Safety Plan

In order to comply with the current Public Health Measures in place, Ottawa Swordplay has developed the following safety plan. This version is up to date as of July 28, 2021.


All instructors and staff will actively screen themselves prior to attending either an indoor or outdoor class session. Individuals may not attend in-person classes if:

  • they have travelled outside of Canada within two weeks prior to the class

  • they have symptoms of Covid-19 (cough, fever, etc)

  • they have been in recent contact with someone who has Covid-19 or believes they have Covid-19

Participants must self-screen for symptoms of Covid-19 before every class. Ottawa Swordplay reserves the right to turn away any attendee showing symptoms of Covid-19.

If individuals have symptoms of Covid-19, they will refrain from attending that class and follow the appropriate public health safety measures including isolation and testing for Covid-19 as appropriate.  They will not return to class until they are deemed free from infection. Registration fees for classes missed due to these screening questions will be credited to the student’s account. 

Vaccine Policy

All participants will be required to show proof of vaccination for indoor classes (see vaccine policy below for more details). Proof of vaccination is not required for outdoor classes. 

Contact Tracing 

Contact information will be collected for all participants in activities at the Swordhall to allow Ottawa Swordplay to support Ottawa Public Health’s contact tracing efforts should that be necessary.

Physical Distancing - Indoors

When not engaged in paired drills all students and instructors will maintain a 2 metre (6 feet) distance from other individuals in the Swordhall. When entering the Swordhall, participants will not arrive more than 10 minutes before a scheduled class time.  Patience may be required to avoid crowding at the front entrance.  The training floor will be marked with starting locations, please find a location and stand there after changing into your indoor shoes.

Physical Distancing - Outdoors

All students and instructors will maintain a 2 metre (6 feet) distance from other individuals at outdoor classes. Instructors will mark out 3 metre (9 feet) squares using cones to provide each student with a designated space for the class. 

Breath Barrier Mask Wearing

All individuals in the Swordhall will be required to wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth and fits snuggly to the face while they are inside the Swordhall.  This breath barrier will be worn under the fencing mask during paired activities.  The mask may be removed for short periods of time with physical distancing to allow individuals to rehydrate. Cloth (non-medical) masks are encouraged but not required for outdoor classes. 

Vaccine Disclosure Policy 

Ottawa Swordplay has maintained a history of providing a safe space for our students to participate in Swordplay.  Our Code of Conduct and Freeplay Safety policies have been a foundation of our determination to create a safe space for swordplay.

As of June 25th, one in 28 Ontarians have contracted Covid-19. In the absence of a government direction on a vaccine policy for a high risk of transmission activity like martial arts, we have developed the following vaccine disclosure policy in line with our culture of safety first and with the aim of having zero transmission of Covid-19 in our school.

All students participating in our indoor classes must provide proof of vaccination.  If you are unable to be vaccinated but still wish to participate in an indoor class, you must first speak with one of the Directors to get clearance.

Students participating in our outdoor classes do not need to provide proof of vaccination since the rate of transmission of Covid-19 outdoors is remarkably low.

This policy will be reviewed prior to the completion of our outdoor classes for 2021.

All of our instructors are using the Covid-19 Alert App and we encourage all students to also use the App. All of our instructors are fully vaccinated against Covid-19, and we encourage all students to get vaccinated as soon as they are able. 

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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