Covid 19 update

During the pandemic, Ottawa Swordplay is offering the following alternatives to our regular program:

  • Outdoor physically distanced classes: Summer Classes
  • Digital memberships with Online Drill classes: Memberships
  • Increased online content: YouTube
  • An online Store with delivery within the Ottawa area: Store

Ottawa Swordplay's Covid-19 Policies

Version 4: June 9, 2021.

At Ottawa Swordplay we are excited to be offering classes when permitted by Public Health rules. When open to the public, we are offering physically distanced classes at the Swordhall. Our physically distanced outdoor classes will resume June 17th, 2021, and we are always offering our online classes. Ottawa Swordplay is following all public health recommendations to offer a safe class experience.

The information below serves as our Covid-19 policies for our in-person, indoor and outdoor classes. If you attend these classes, you must agree to abide by these policies. Ottawa Swordplay reserves the right to turn away any attendee who does not abide by these policies.

Students may not attend in-person classes if:

  • they have travelled outside of Canada within two weeks prior to the class
  • they have symptoms of Covid-19 (cough, fever, etc)
  • they have been in recent contact with someone who has Covid-19 or believes they have Covid-19

Participants must self-screen for symptoms of Covid-19 before every class. Ottawa Swordplay reserves the right to turn away any attendee showing symptoms of Covid-19.

All of our instructors are using the Covid-19 Alert App and we encourage all students to also use the App. All of our instructors have received their first vaccine dose, and we encourage all students to get vaccinated as soon as they are able. 

Participants in in-person classes must maintain physical distancing and follow all Provincial and municipal regulations. Students attending indoor classes at 1760 St Laurent Blvd (Ottawa Swordplay) are required to wear a non-medical mask inside the building, as per Ottawa regulations. Students may not use our indoor facilities for change-rooms, but the washroom is available. Students attending outdoor classes are encouraged to wear non-medical masks for outdoor classes, but they are not mandatory. 

Students will not share equipment. No competitive swordplay is permitted due to the risk of close contact. Classes are built around solo drills, with the exception of the Paired Drill class. To participate in the Paired Drill class, you must register two people who are in the same household or social bubble. 

In September, Ottawa Public Health stated that it is important to note that with Ontario re-opening, there is no such thing as zero risk.  The activities such as sports and physical activity allowed in stage 3 are the highest risk to date, which is why they were delayed into this phase.  It is important to note that although measures can be taken to ensure participation is as safe as possible, participating athletes, and coaches/trainers will still be at risk for Covid-19 while participating in sports.  Ottawa Public Health advocates for individuals to be responsible and make sound and informed decisions as to whether or not they engage in various sports or activities. 

Check the links below for information about Covid-19 and Provincial and Municipal regulations about Covid-19

Ottawa Public Health  Information on symptoms of Covid-19 and Regulations from the City of Ottawa.

Ontario  Government  Information and resources on Covid-19 from the Ontario Government.

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