Covid 19 update

During the pandemic, Ottawa Swordplay is offering the following alternatives to our regular program:

Gladiatoria (English and German)

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Gladiatoria ~ New Haven - MS U860.F46 1450 by by Dierk Hagedorn and Bartłomiej Walczak. Hardcover. The "Gladiatoria" are a group of German fencing manuscripts and is a treatise on armoured foot combat, specifically aimed at duel fighting. Gloriously illustrated, and replete with substantial explanatory text, these works are some of the greatest achievements in the corpus of late medieval fight books. In this full color volume, authors Dierk Hagedorn and Bartłomiej Walczak present their work on the copy of this treatise now in the Yale Center for British Art, including a reproduction of the manuscript, a full transcription into English.
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