Covid 19 update

During the pandemic, Ottawa Swordplay is offering the following alternatives to our regular program:

April Newsletter - Lockdown Update & Renovations Continue

13 Apr 2021 9:00 PM | Anonymous

Ontario Lockdown Update

While we had hoped to start up our outdoor classes this month, under the current restrictions in Ontario we are not able to offer in-person classes, outdoors or indoors. As soon as we can offer classes we will post an announcement on our website and send an email update.  

We are continuing to post new videos on YouTube and our livestream classes, held at 1 pm on Saturdays via Discord are ongoing. If you've attended any of our drop-in classes, or if you have signed up as an online swordplay member, you have access to our private Discord Server. Check your email for an invitation. If you're not an online member yet, you can sign up at It's a great way to support us and to keep practicing from home.  

Renovations Continue!

We've made great progress on the swordhall! You'll hardly recognize it the next time you visit. Here's a video sneak peek at the renovations as of March 27th. We've also now installed a new floor over the old sprung floor as you can see in the photo above. It's wonderful to walk on, and we think it's going to make for a fantastic training and fighting space. We can't wait to welcome you into the hall again soon. Until then, wear your mask and take care!

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