Covid 19 update

During the pandemic, Ottawa Swordplay is offering the following alternatives to our regular program:

  • Indoor and outdoor physically distanced classes: Fall Classes
  • Digital memberships with Online Drill classes: Memberships
  • Increased online content: YouTube
  • An online Store with delivery within the Ottawa area: Store


Whatever you are celebrating - a birthday, your upcoming nuptials, or a personal triumph - we would love to have you celebrate with us. 

Book a private, 90-minute session to introduce you and your friends to the martial art of the medieval longsword. We provide the mask and the sword; you bring indoor shoes, casual wear or workout gear.

We will guide you  through a bit of history of the European longsword and our approach to Medieval Martial Arts. Then, through a series of partnered exercises, we introduce some basic techniques of swordplay. By end of the class, we provide you with an opportunity to apply the techniques you have just learned through competitive games. 

If your event is a celebration, we can add 30 minutes for presents/cake etc.

Participants will need to sign a waiver at the beginning of the event.

Participants must be sober, so if this is part of a celebration, save the drinks (etc) for after!

Email us at for pricing and to schedule your event! 

Students at the Schrankhut rank or higher may benefit from focused instruction in a private coaching session.

Private coaching sessions can help with technical and tactical development, corrections and refinement of skills, and help consolidate skills. Sessions can be arranged for any of the weapons that we teach.

Speak to any instructor to arrange for a private coaching session. 

pRIVATE Coaching

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