Covid 19 update

During the pandemic, Ottawa Swordplay is offering the following alternatives to our regular program:

Rules for Points North 2019: Longsword

Skirmish and Assault Tournament Rules

 For our 2019 Longsword tournament, we will be using our Skirmish and Assault rules. Click below to download a pdf of the rules, which includes an example of a match. 

Skirmish and Assault Tournament rules for Points North 2019.pdf

Tournament Gear Requirements

Our gear requirements for steel longsword have not changed since previous tournaments. If you have any concerns about your longsword or your protective gear, please get in touch with us. We will have some loaner gear available if your gear does not pass inspection, but better to check early! Click below to download a pdf of our gear and weapon requirements.

Points North 2019 Gear and Weapons List.pdf

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